Friday, December 16, 2005

Consultant Tracker

Well, the consultant time-tracking application is just about feature-complete, and I'm about to start accepting beta customers! It's got project time management, integrated security, timesheet
entry and approval, accounts payable and receivable reporting, and the ability to delegate one userid to another user (without sharing passwords).

There are some obvious stylistic changes I'll be making before going "live" (post-beta), including using CSS, AJAX, etc. The good news about this version is that it works without AJAX, and it's fairly fast anyway. There's a test domain set up currently for anyone who wants to try it. Userid/password is test/test, so give it a try! Any feedback (positive or negative) is hereby actively solicited.
In addition, a big thank you goes out to Kevin Dangoor for creating TurboGears. It's helped a newbie to web programming like me get up and running very quickly. Thanks!


  1. Anonymous3:50 AM


    And where may we try this out ? (link :). Yeah, I did not go through all your bookmarks yet.


  2. That would be the link in the post title. ;-) Or just use this one: