Friday, June 06, 2008

Essential SQLAlchemy Ships

Well, I finally got my hands on the first (that I know of) copy of my book Essential SQLAlchemy. You can get it from Amazon using the link below. (Disclaimer: this is my affiliate link. Hey, it's my blog after all, right? ;-) )

I think the book turned out well, although I was a little surprised at how thin it was. 200 or so pages seems like a lot more when you're writing (or reading) it. Many thanks go out to all who put up with me during the writing of the book, including my coworkers, editors, reviewers, and my amazing wife Nancy. (Not to mention my son Matthew, who was born during the proofreading phase of the book. I wisely delayed my proofreading until we all got home from the hospital.)

Anyway, here is a picture of me with the book at work taken by my coworker Jenny Walsh on her iPhone:

I'll try to post some more about SQLAlchemy at some point. It really is a fantastic library. Thanks go to Mike Bayer and all the other contributors for writing it!

Edit 7:16pm June 6, 2008
As I have been reminded by Noah, I will be presenting a talk on SQLAlchemy for the July 10th Python Atlanta user group PyAtl, followed by a book signing. I should have a few books available there to sell, or you can (obviously) bring our own. You can RSVP for the meeting at the PyAtl Meetup Site.