Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MongoDB Atlanta User Group

So last night I had the opportunity to speak about Zarkov at the Atlanta MongoDB user group (not to be confused with the MongoATL conference). It was a good crowd, and we had a good time munching on pizza beforehand and talking about MongoDB afterward. Anyway, I did a little realtime demo combining some stuff I've been doing with, Zarkov, and Flot and promised I'd make the code available. A mostly-functional version is available at

Also, I figured I'd use this post to collect all the presentation paraphernalia from last night, so below are the slides and somewhat poor quality video I recorded. Hope you manage to enjoy it anyway!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

WebSockets to

Update July 16, 2012 There have been several updates to gevent-socketio and itself. For an updated intro to these libraries, please see m y new post on Realtime Web Chat with and Gevent

In a previous blog post, I showed how you can use Gevent, ZeroMQ, WebSockets, and Flot to create a nice asynchronous server that graphs events in real time to multiple web consumers. Unfortunately, Chrome is just about the only browser that my demo worked in due to some issues with the WebSockets standard. So I've updated the example to use, a WebSockets-like Javascript library that will work across multiple browsers.