Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Python Web Frameworks

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Well, the BDFL is looking for a web framework. Laying aside all the arguments for TurboGears, Django,, Nevow, Cheetah, Paste, etc., I noticed that Glyph Lefkowitz and Ian Bicking both piped up with their input. Glyph is involved in Nevow, and Ian is involved in Paste.

Glyph makes the point that web frameworks come with a bit of cognitive overhead, but that this overhead is necessary. You really need to see the world from the perspective of the framework. Even if you write your own, you have to invent your own webgeist, and it's still work. I couldn't agree more, as I discuss in my previous entry.

Ian, on the other hand, is (it seems) the father of Paste, which seems to be a toolbox of sorts enabling the easy creation of web frameworks. Ah, so he's the one responsible for making it so easy to roll your own! Anyway, Paste does seem to take care of many of the details of writing a web framework. Ian has written a nice tutorial on framework construction. Not that I want you to go there - no - don't - write - your - own - oh well, I've lost you. Seriously, it looks pretty easy. It would be nice to see all the existing frameworks that aren't already based on paste to port to Paste, if only to remove the redundant code. Ian has built a good tool. It would be nice to see people using it more.

Anyway, that's my $.02. Looks like Glyph and I have a common philisophical POV - drink the kool-aid of your framework of choice and get on with development. Ian, while not advocating the proliferation of frameworks, certainly makes the proliferation simpler. And, of course, if you want to find the framework that's "right" for you, the comments on Guido's blog are a great place to start.

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